a few comments from our happy customers:



  Olivia opened up her Monica doll on Christmas morning

and was the happiest little girl I had seen in a long time. -Tanya J.



By S.R:
I am mixed mama that lives abroad with three girls. The hardest thing to find outside of the US are brown and black dolls. My mom bought a set of all three of the Curly Girls and my daughters just love them. My oldest (7) never leaves her alone- she even has her near the bath at bath time. 
I am not sure if you know how important it is but for us it is the best gift we received--ever.
Thank you and be well,
By Geraldine C.
Our baby doll arrived today.. Omg!!! More amazing in person and her hair is sooooo beautiful and soft..
Elly W. with her Honey doll in the park on a summer's day.
Beautiful and precious Tsage with her Kayla! Too cute!
By Joan E.:
"Monica arrived the day after shipment notification.! She is fabulous. The first thing I did was run my fingers through her hair. I will have so much fun making outfits for her. Thank you Margaret."
By Roxann H.:

Thank you Margaret. Kayla is beautiful! My niece loves her. 

Here is Madison with her Kayla doll!
By Mitzi S. posted on Face Book:
"I love this company for making dolls that Little Girls of Color can identify with. I purchased the 12 inch dolls for my grand-daughter and grand-niece this past Holiday Season and they love them. If you have a Beautiful Princess of Nubian Descent and would like to purchase a doll that looks like her, please check out Brown Eyed Dolls. I am looking at purchasing a couple of dolls from their new line of products - Curly Girls United Dolls. Sending this out to all of my Friends and Family that might be interested"
By Gabe E.
I love your beautiful dolls and the message of diversity.
By Sarah I.
Prompt service and the dolls are lovely.
By Sally B.:
"I had such an nice experience with my first order and I am so impressed with the product that I decided to sponsor a second little girl for Christmas. I have given the web site info to several friends in hopes they too will place orders."
By Sandy C.:
"Thank you so much. We got the boxes today. I got both dolls. One for each of my daughters. They are so excited. I am so happy that these dolls are available for my girls. I look forward for the other dolls that are coming out."
By Meckaela L on Amazon: 
"OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE Aliyah!!! My daughter has named Aliyah her new best friend and takes her everywhere with her. I love Aliyah's curly hair because it reminds me so much of my daughters own hair. Such a beautiful doll!"

“We received the dolls ! OMG they are beautiful! The pictures truly don't do them justice. My girls love them sooo much!!“   - Shantae P.

“This is a high quality doll. The jewelry and accessories that come with Michelle are unusually well-done - better than the plastic ones that come with other dolls. We especially like that her clothes are fashionable but modest and that she is more realistically shaped. The Brown-Eyed girls dolls are now a favorite at our house. They're lovely for ANY girl.” – Ann B.

“This doll is great. The hair is realistic and fun. My daughter loves the new addition to her fashion doll collection. She plays with Aliyah often.” – Jenny M.