Curly Girls United Dolls

The Curly Girls United Dolls are gorgeous 18" dolls with soft beautiful curls. It is hard to find a beautiful doll with curly hair. Dolls with natural hair styles are far and few between, Brown Eyed Dolls has the largest selection of dolls with soft curly hair. These curly haired dolls are not just for curly haired girls! They are for any girl who loves dolls!

Kayla, Monica and Honey are the dolls currently in the Curly Girls United Collection. They have open close eyes and beautiful eyelashes. These dolls can be posed, they have vinyl legs, arms and torso so that they are able to stand up without support. Their midsection is cloth so that little ones can get their hugs!

These dolls are of the highest quality and are reasonably priced so that every girl can have a special doll!